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Stop Watching, Start Dancing!



The Chatham Social Club offers two ways to start your journey on the dance floor: private instruction and group instruction.

Whether you choose to begin dancing one on one with an instructor

or in a group setting, you can’t make a wrong move.

Couple Dancing

Private Instruction

Private instruction is a great way to personalize your dance experience by working one-on-one with an instructor.

A single private lesson is 90 minutes long and focused on the dance styles that are most desired by each student or couple.

It is recommended that students who plan on getting a social education study three to four dance styles to become well-rounded on the dance floor and prepared for any social dance situation.

Private instruction is structured based on individual goals, the pace of learning, and the timeline for becoming a comfortable and confident social dancer.

Private lessons allow students to develop skills in the lead and follow, musicality and timing, pattern knowledge, posture and framework, and stylization.

Couple Dancing
Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom Dancing

Group Instruction

Group instruction is offered throughout the year for students looking for a shared experience on the dance floor.

No prior dance experience is needed to enjoy learning social dancing however securing a partner for class is a necessity. Your dance partner can be a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or loved one who is interested in learning to dance.

The dance styles that are offered in a group setting are Ballroom and Latin, Country Western, Line Dancing, and Nightclub dance styles as these dances are most commonly used at weddings, parties, vacations, and nightclubs.

Dancing socially in a group gives you the opportunity to meet new people, endure weekly challenges on the dance floor, and gain the skills to enjoy dancing socially without the commitment of taking private instruction.

Dances taught in a group setting are offered in a 5 to 8 week course of one particular dance style. This ensures weekly progress and muscle memory to gain confidence as a new dancer or repetition for advance dancers looking to keep their dance standard in tact.



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